UL Listed Panels

Custom UL Panels Designed to your spec

Master Electric Co, Inc., control panel design and assembly is about craftsmanship and teamwork with the customer. We understand the importance of neat, organized wiring, especially if you ever must change a panel in the future or troubleshoot a problem — no unorganized or spaghetti wiring with Master Electrical Co., Inc. panels.

We also have programming capabilities from conception to completion. Start-up, training and program thumb drive field documentation of actual program.

The interior and exterior are meticulously wired with artisan skill, labeled with easy-to-read engraved labels and schematics. Master Electric Co., Inc. can build to your print specifications or design custom panels for you. Our shop is environmentally controlled workspace, which means no project or quantity is too big or too small.

Expirience with the following industries but not limited to:
Aggregate Mining • Automotive • Baggage Handling • Brick • Energy • Fiberglass • Food & Beverage • Glass • Grain Handling • Industrial & Commercial Machinery • Industrial Paint/Coating • Pharmaceutical • Plastic • Water & Wastewater